How To Increase Organic Traffic That Converts

//How To Increase Organic Traffic That Converts

How To Increase Organic Traffic That Converts

I’m assuming that you’re here because you want to know how come your site isn’t bringing in organic traffic that converts. Well, you’re not alone. Many people usually don’t have any idea of how to keep visitors on their website engaged enough with the long-term goal of making them customers for life.

Perhaps your problem is both the quality of traffic you’re receiving plus the fact that your website doesn’t rank for significant keywords in your niche.

conversion rate


Maybe you’ve heard of paid advertising but it’s either too complicated for you or you might not have the budget for it yet. So, what should you do? Giving up certainly isn’t an option.

In this article, I cover some things you can do to help improve your ranking on Google and even more importantly draw in high converting traffic.

Preventing High Bounce Rate

It’s not unheard of to have a website that’s well ranked but whose visitors don’t convert into customers. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case and high bounce rate is one of the main reasons.

Bounce rate can easily be defined as the percentage of visitors that leave your site after a certain amount of time. A high bounce rate is an indicator that there’s something wrong with your website. It could be the content, a poor navigation set up amongst a whole bunch of other issues.

Studies show that at least 70% of visitors to your site will likely never come back – and that’s just for average sites. So if your site has poor navigation or irrelevant/badly written content, that number is likely to increase exponentially.

Given these facts, a high bounce rate will ultimately lead to a disaster for your business.

To ensure that new visitors to your site are not having a hard time trying to find your blog, contact page or other pages, you need to apply best practice in designing your website.

We can offer you a consultation on how to do this since web design is one of our specialties here at NoRiskSEO.

Attracting Organic Traffic That Converts

There are a couple of things you can do to attract high-converting traffic. Here are some things you should seriously consider:

  • Action calls
  • Great Reviews
  • Giveaways



Over the years online marketing has become gradually competitive. The days when all you needed to get visitors excited was great content are long gone and everyone has to up their game in order to stand out in this very competitive space.

Give-aways are a great way to engage new visitors and keep existing customers. One of the most efficient ways to keep in touch with new visitors to your site even after they’ve moved on to their site is by asking for their email address.

Of course, you’ll have to give something of value back in return for instance, a report, or a guide that walks your visitors on an efficient way to do something themselves, or it could be a newsletter packed with bleeding-edge tech advancements in your niche. If you do it right, email marketing can change your website’s bottom-line forever.

To keep your existing customers loyal to your brand and probably even make them brand ambassadors, you can hold competitions on your social media channels. Winners could get giveaways of all kinds including cash, merchandise, free subscription to your services etc. This is also a great way to promote your brand.

Great Reviews

As e-commerce slowly became the norm it became necessarily to conduct due diligence on both the product/service as well as the seller. Over the years it’s become norm and many local businesses understand the importance of great reviews on sites such as Yelp as well as Google.

A few positive reviews can help bring credibility to your business and bring in more clientele. A few criticisms don’t hurt either as they help show that the business is legitimate. It’s also a great way to get feedback that you can use to improve aspects of your business that fall short.

Action Calls

conversion rate

How your content is formatted can be the difference between making a sale and a visitor bouncing off your page without making a purchase.

Call to actions are important in directing website visitors into your sales funnel. By using internal links and buttons, you can lead visitors to explore deeper into your website.

You can also use subheadings to gently nudge your visitors to the checkout button.

Spread The Word

Once you’ve got your content ready as well as the other three hacks mentioned above, it’s time to go and get yourself some visitors. You do this by targeting sites where your ideal customers are likely to be found. For instance forums.


No matter what type of service or product your website offer, you can be sure that there’s a forum out there that caters to that particular market. From hunting to home improvement sites, forums offer a platform where people with a particular interest can have meaningful conversations.

Forums are a perfect source of organic traffic that’s easy to convert. Knowing the right forums to target will be primary to building your site’s traffic.

When promoting yourself on forums you need to realize that the key to gaining trust is transparency. The other thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you make constructive contributions to your market. You want to present yourself as an expert and when you do it won’t be long before others start turning to you for advice.

Enhance Your Content

enhance your content

To draw in more traffic to your site, you need to think of ways to create content that engages your target audience. You can do this by either choosing to create videos or podcasts.

It doesn’t have to be anything complex. I suggest you first create a written article to gauge interest in the topic. Once you’ve established that there is, you can go ahead and create a video where you pretty much break down the key points of the article. This can be easily achieved using a host of video creation tools in the market like PowToon.

If you feel that video is not the best media for the services or product that you offer you can opt for podcasts. A tool such as PodBean would come in handy if you chose to create your own audio content.

Optimizing Your On-Site Conversion

Once you’ve managed to get visitors to your site using the tips shared above, it’s time to get them to take out their credit card. There are a number of ways you can turn your traffic into customers and avoid shopping cart abandonment.


One way to get first time visitors hooked is by offering special discounts on their first purchase. You might be surprised how enticing a 10% discount can help tip the scales in your favor. Make sure that your visitors take notice of the discount the minute they land on your website.

Flexible Payment Options

After taking your customer through your sales funnel it would be a shame if they abandoned the cart just when they’re ready to give you their money simply because you have limited payment options. Ensure that you cater to all your customers’ needs by accepting all payments from PayPal to Visa and American Express.

Customer Service

Even though yours might be a small business, it is wise to project the reassurance of larger corporations by providing effective customer service.

Convenient Return Policy

You should have an assuring return policy as it can be a make or break factor as far as sales go.

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