Large Local Park SEO Case Study

//Large Local Park SEO Case Study

Large Local Park SEO Case Study

This large local park came to us after having stagnant growth and seeking a new methodology, processes, and procedures which would yield favorable increases specifically pertaining to organic visitors. After consulting with this client, we noticed that the conversion rates were rather low and recommended a conversion rate optimization campaign to try and squeeze more conversions out of the existing visitors.

Using A/B testing and multivariate testing, we created many offers which created a sense of urgency allowing us to nearly increase their existing conversion rate by just shy of 100%. With the heft amount of traffic, this was a huge win.

Organic SEO was planned methodically from a technical perspective to take a different approach. Just three months in, it is safe to say this is another success of ours that we are very proud of. Crave more SEO results? Click here!

local park seo case study

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