National eCommerce SEO Campaign Results

//National eCommerce SEO Campaign Results

National eCommerce SEO Campaign Results SEO Results Case Study #16:

Any national eCommerce SEO campaign can be considered difficult, due to the enormous competition one faces. However, our team is proud to list our latest victory on a nationwide level, dominating the top 3 spots on our clients behalf.

The success of a national eCommerce SEO campaign is determined by one’s understanding of data. Our data driven approach has yet again proved itself to be extremely valuable. Not only did we increase traffic, we increased traffic of keywords which have buying intention. This has lead to a strong increase of conversions and as a result, ROI.

This eCommerce stores has seasonal trends (albeit minor), so we are comparing year over year. The larger the data sample, the more accurate, so enjoy.

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national ecommerce SEO campaign results

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