Nationwide Lead Generation SEO Case Study

//Nationwide Lead Generation SEO Case Study

Nationwide Lead Generation SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study: Our latest nationwide lead generation SEO case study pertains to a company with a high dollar amount per sale. It is in a niche industry that offers add-ons to homes to change their appearance. Some top competitors include Home Depot, Menards, and other industry mammoths on Page One for a two word keyword.

After coming to us from a prior SEO company which was using Archaic techniques, after 8 months we were able to turn the ship around and stop the downward trend without the disavowing of links. Without any message from Webmaster Tools indicating a manual action, we knew it was algorithmic. Therefore, we fixed the technical off-site issues we found with high quality work.

The results now speak for themselves, with brand searches & .com searches omitted you can see the staggering increase of non-branded keywords finding our clients website and converting at a staggering rate.

Before our clients’ goal value was roughly $22,708.00, it is now $50,385.00. That represents a 121.88% increase! 

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Website Overhaul & Redesign: This client absolutely loved his website. We attempted to advise on a redesign to keep up with modern times. The original website was created and launched Feb of 2002 according to

Conversion rates were poor and the website was clearly outdated from a conversion standpoint. The sheer number of newly targeted organic visitors along with a fresh website design has taken our client to an entirely new level and the numbers are proving this.

nationwide lead generation seo case study

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