Prospecting Tips That Will Improve Your Results

//Prospecting Tips That Will Improve Your Results

Prospecting Tips That Will Improve Your Results

Prospecting is one of those things in marketing that is not popular either with senders or with those that find themselves on a marketing list.

Most recipients find these emails annoying because sometimes the email is not relevant to what they do and yet there is no way to completely getting rid of total strangers sending you emails.


On the part of the sender, when you engage in an outreach strategy that is clearly not performing, it can be quite disheartening especially given the amount of time you spend crafting the email content as well as finding the appropriate email address for the right person in the organization.

Regardless of the many challenges that are inherent to prospecting, most marketers still engage in it, why? Because, it is one of the most effective ways of deriving results from your sales funnel. This is especially the case for organizations that have a high-performing inbound marketing funnel.

The bottom line is that prospecting generates new business. To get your team on board and to ensure that recipients do not regret ever opening your email in the first place, you will need to carefully tailor your approach.

If you are hoping to come across some effective strategies that will quadruple your success rate, then keep reading on.

Prospecting Techniques that Will Increase Your Results by up to Four Times
Give Special Attention To Warm Leads

One of the most important things you can do while prospecting is known as prioritization. No matter how perfect your outreach tactics are, there are some leads that are not just ready to talk with you.

Thankfully, there is a different group of leads that would like to engage with you as soon as possible as they are likely to benefit from engaging with you. It is these leads that you want to reach out to.

With inbound marketing, this becomes easy peasy.

One of the main goals of inbound marketing is to ensure potential buyers get hooked early in the buyer’s journey.

By properly setting up your site, you will be able to monitor, track, and prioritize users who are farthest along in the buyer’s journey.

For example, you can determine which potential buyers to prioritize by mapping how they navigate your website. Visitors who are researching how they can do business with you definitely need to be considered.

One tool that helps you track visitors this way is HubSpot.

To determine which leads you should prioritize you should set up lead scoring. Lead scoring works by assigning points to prospects based on the type of actions they take on your site.

It is important when prospecting to work your way through the warmest ones as they might grow cold or even worse get snatched by your competition.

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the most important things you need to consider when prospecting is time. In order to achieve timing, you will need to work in the moment.

If you are not reaching out to your prospects as they are on your site, your window of opportunity no longer exists.

To better understand this you need to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. When you are trying to find a solution to a particular problem, there is only so much time that you can allocate to that task after all, you still have meetings as well as other responsibilities to attend to.

To ensure that you do not miss out on an opportunity, you need to ensure that you engage with a prospect while they are still on your site. By doing so, you can be sure that there is no better time your email to the prospect will match their train of thought.

For this reason it is always important to monitor prospect activity on your site and respond accordingly.

Make an Offer They Cannot Resist

The major reason why many outreach campaigns fail is because they serve the sender’s need. Think about it, the recipient does not stand to gain much from chatting with a sales rep.

Before the advent of the internet, online reviews and blog articles, salespeople were required to learn the basics. However, access to the internet has made access to knowledge much easier. If you need any  question answered instead of calling up a sales rep, you simply Google the information.

Unfortunately, sales best practices are yet to catch up on this.

Unless you are offering something of incredible value to your audience, chances are that your emails will be ignored.

In order to create a great offer, you need to understand the buyer’s persona as well as their journey. Help the buyer come up with solutions along the way.

When reaching out to a prospect, here are some offers you can entice a prospect with:

  • Offer to help them get a better understanding of their problems
  • Offer to guide them as they tackle their problems on their own
  • Offer to help them onboard their team in implementing a solution

The above examples are general however, tests reveal that recipients are more likely to respond to emails that show the value they offer and what is needed from the prospect.

For instance, you can use this in your pitch:

“I have a tactic I can teach you in 15 minutes that is capable of increasing your company’s traffic by 100%”.

Get Rid of Your Pitch

Attention salespeople, chances of prospects trusting you are very low especially if they do not know who you are.

No matter how polished your sales pitches are, prospects can see right through them and know you are looking for business.

Even though you cannot change this, you can change a prospect’s expectations of what will happen if they respond to you.

When you make an offer in your sales pitch, the email no longer serves you the sender, but shifts attention to the recipient.


A major difference that exists between sales and marketing is the scale at which it takes place as well as the impact it has on personalization.

Marketing’s responsibility is to reach a huge audience with a general message while it is the responsibility of sales to reach out to a particular audience with a bespoke message.

When prospecting a buyer you need to show them how authentic your outreach is by personalizing the email that you send out to them. However, if you did this for each and every email you sent out, it would be impossible to achieve this at scale which is why your message also needs to be general enough to be leveraged at scale.

Always Add Value

There have been enough studies that show that even though chances of a recipient responding to a sales email increase with every outreach email, there is also concrete evidence that the number of sales people who are engaged in email follow ups reduces drastically with every outreach campaign.

This provides you with opportunity.

When crafting your prospecting emails you should always ensure that you craft a series of emails, that is, the first initial email as well as cleverly crafted follow-up emails.

So, instead of simply asking the recipient whether they received your last email. You can let them know that if they do not respond soon you will be taking off the table the offer you had made.

Hope this article has given you insight on how you should conduct your next prospecting efforts.


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